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Club Vision

Responsibility, sense of belonging, and emotional intelligence for our players and staff is essential at the Club. We create future leaders, improve them not only just on but also off the pitch as well, and help them be successful in life, work, in their family, friendship, relationships, or any other challenges they face. Data is observed and gathered to maximize player performance, and plans are executed systematically to improve the players, which is a never-ending cycle our Manager terms the "Circle of Success". We never stop learning! 

Being Part of the Community

Chelsea Rovers is a family. We will give back to the community, give an opportunity for everyone to be a part of something great, make people feel that they belong somewhere and that they are important to us. We will grow together with our local community and create a better future for our next generation, who understands the modern civilized society and their needs to adapt.

Creating a Professional Atmosphere

Certain fundamental rules have been established for a solid foundation to be built upon. We take pride in what we do at the highest professional level we can, and expect the same from our players. Being humble and respectful from day to day towards everyone is our key to success.

Tests & Development

The training sessions are based on players needs. Every player who reaches out to us within the set window are given an opportunity. Observations are made to see how they behave, what work ethic they have, and what mentality they bring to the family. After all necessary information has been gathered, our management make the relevant long-term development plans. Our players are also given feedback in order for them to have a better understanding of their performance and knowledge of what needs to be done to reach their goals. 

Creating a Team Mood

We welcome everyone with open arms, greeting them and introducing them to each and every part of our family. We make sure everyone feels comfortable at our club and knows that we are here for them. By creating social gatherings, going on overseas travel, undertaking competitive games in our sessions, all as a team, we focus on creating a warm chemistry to maximize players performance.

Our Football

We aim to achieve a competitive level at the club by investing in our coaches to raise the quality of the sessions and to have as much experience as possible to attract young and talented players. We implement the same philosophy in our young player's, creating opportunities to pass on our legacy in a fun, safe, and educational environment with professional goals and long-term plans.

One team one dream!

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